A Scandinavian House in Melbourne

I got the chance to travel to Sweden and Norway when I was living in London and absolutely loved it. Experiencing the scandinavian design and lifestyle first hand was an incredible experience. And this is why I was so happy when I discovered My Scandinavian Home, which brought up so many great memories!

The Brit behing the blog, who now lives in Skåne, Sweden, recently featured a Scandinavia-inspired home in Melbourne, Australia that caught my eye.(the house was originally featured on The Design Files and shot by Eve Wilson). The owners, Eddie Kaul and Richa Plant, did a great job at creating a simple and clean aesthetic with big white walls, millwork and pops of colors throughout the house.

I’m especially drawn to the living room and the detailed paintings. They don’t overpower the space; on the contrary, their muted colors work well against the busy throw pillows and provide some chromatic relief to the otherwise neutral space. Grey is another color that appears prominently in various hues. It is highly textured as it is found on the rugs, the dining chairs and the sofa.

In thinking about it, this house’s aesthetic is much like my personal style, neutral hues that are accentuated with just a hint of color here and there…