A New York Loft

1407789866212_gentlemans-quarters-dean-disimone-02Who doesn’t like a New York loft? I sure do like them. And when Dean Di Simone’s appeared on my Twitter timeline, I was happy. For several reasons actually, not only because it’s a New York loft. But also because Dean works with one of the hottest bike makers right now. Cyclists from Japan to England rave about Tokyobike’s city bikes. The Japanese company, based on the concept of Tokyo Slow (which reminds me of the Slow Fashion movement that we support) was founded over 10 years ago and is well on his way to take over the world (of tasteful cycling) with stores in London, Berlin, Sydney and now New York.

Back to Dean’s loft. The creative director and American partner of Tokyobike spent over a year renovating its SoHo apartment and we very much appreciate the result (shot by Jeremy Allen for GQ). A massive open space, obviously, brick walls (it’s New York after all) and dark hard wood floor. In other words, the basics are there. But what really impresses me is the way it is furnished: a long Scandinavian looking table for dinner parties, a modern take on the chandelier that breaks the industrial feel of the traditional loft, original 1950s design posters and bikes pretty much everywhere, just like that, as part of the decorum.

Which leads me to wonder… When you live in an apartment building that doesn’t have a bike storage area (lucky for me, I’ve always had a space to park my bike) and a small apartment (clearly Dean’s gorgeous loft is an exception, especially in cities like New York and Paris), what do you do with your bike? Have you managed to find a smart way to store it in your apartment? Let me know what your tips are and I’ll share them on Twitter!