About Vintage Chronograph Watches

1844 - leather jacket

This week we’re excited to discuss a Danish watch brand called About Vintage. Don’t let the name fool you though, even though they take inspiration from the technology and timelessness of old school watchmaking, the designs are very much rooted in the present.

The brand was started by two high-school friends, Sebastian Skov & Thomas Andersen. While Thomas has a background in economics and business, Sebastian started off in advertising. On a trip to Mexico a few years ago they discussed that professionally something was missing and decided to turn their shared passion for fine watches into a business.

We love that About Vintage really do give a nod to the past, especially through the names of their various watch models, which are 1815, 1820, 1844 and 1957. Each year signifies a moment in time when watchmaking technology advanced. We’re especially fond of the 1815 Chronograph model (shown below). In case you’re wondering, the name is a tribute to the year when chronograph technology was invented.

1815 green close up

1815 SS

About Vintage was born with a desire to create an affordable luxury watch brand. Their business savvy and creative backgrounds allowed them to come together to create a focused and tailored timepiece characterized by minimalism and vintage details at a price point that won’t leave you short on rent.

Another standout from the brand is the 1844 Chronograph. In that year in history, the existing chronograph watch was updated to include a reset feature, allowing for successive measurements. About Vintage have designed this model to have numbers and precision lines to allow each timing and reset to be as accurate as possible. On an aesthetic note, we like it because it is available in either a mesh or leather strap, both of which are equally as appealing, but completely transform the look and feel of the face of the watch.

We’re keeping our eye on this brand as they have some upcoming releases, which we’re looking forward to seeing. They’re set to launch their first Swiss-made automatic timepiece as a limited edition, as well as a unisex dress watch. As About Vintage say, make moments, give it history – let it become vintage.

1844 mesh cowboy

1844 mesh bench