Ackurat Watches


Nope. Our quest to find the coolest watches out there hasn’t yet ended. In fact, we just discovered a new Swedish brand that wereally wanted to feature on the blog this week. So without further ado, we’re telling you today about Ackurat, their sleek timepieces and their crowd-funding campaign.

The label is -in the words of its founders- “strongly influenced by its Scandinavian origin“. And we can see that. The lines are clean, the shapes perfectly geometric, plus all of their products convey contemporary classical aesthetics. What’s not to like?

And although the designers behind the brand don’t have a typical background in watchmaking, they made sure their watches were not only elegant but also functional and well made. They collaborated with skilled craftsmen that could steer them in the right direction and chose the best possible materials. They, for instance, picked high quality full-grain Italian leather for the straps, which are both resistant and durable -not to mention they develop a lovely patina over time.




Ackurat actually just launched a new watch –literally yesterday on Kickstarter! It’s slightly smaller in diameter than the brand’s first model and has a 8,1mm thin case. Just like Ackurat’s other products, the watch features sapphire crystal and an Italian strap -though it can also be combined with a stainless steel Milanese mesh strap.

The watch is available in a number of variations -check them all out here. Our favorite is the first one above: silver case, navy strap, but that’s simply because we wear a lot of navy. Which one would you prefer? Let us know on social media (@leclubdesdouze)!

And to see the new collection in action, view the video below.