Belgium Streetstyle: Alessandro Albanese

Alessandro Albanese Streetstyle

On Tuesday, Olivia and I travelled to the Stables d’Ecaussines in Belgium to attend a press event for the launch of the 2015/2016 season of the Longines Masters, formerly known as Masters Grand Slam. Though we’re not equestrian sports experts, we were delighted to be there and hear about the competition now held in Paris, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Horse-riding being quite an elegant sport, we knew we would get to interact with some dapper gents.

We spotted Italian designer Alessandro Albanese, who stood out from the crowd by playing on layers and colors, and by rocking a most confident smile… More on his equestrian clothing line here. Hit me up on Twitter (@leclubdesdouze) to let me know how you feel about his outfit!

Photo credit: Alex & Olivia