Beau Brummell for Men


Please tell me that you know who Beau Brummell is. Or was, in fact. He was known in 18th century England as one of the most refined and fashionable men of his time. A gentleman able to transcend social rank through elegance and attitude. Some believe he invented dandyism. We won’t weigh in on that debate but thought that this would be a good introduction to a brand that, several centuries later, he inspired.

Beau Brummell for Men is an American skincare brand which offers men a refined yet straightforward way to treat their skin. After all, if you do believe that your skin is the canvas on which your clothes and accessories rest, then why aren’t you doing the most to make sure your facial care matches the time and effort you put into your ensemble?

Zach and Daniel, the founders of the brand, have designed a full range of products to take care of your skin through your morning (and evening) routine: a shaving cream and a brush, a face scrub, a face wash, a facial mask and a moisturizer.



At the heart of every well-groomed man’s daily routine lies a good facial moisturizer. Beau Brummel for Men offers a gentlemen’s facial moisturizer, an everyday lotion infused with Argan oil, with a UV protector -a must for any guy who doesn’t want to prematurely look like aged leather. The moisturizer also contains activated charcoal, which draws dirt out of the pores. It’s usually the sort of thing we only see in a cleanser, but it’s nice to know you can be cleansing your face all day, while moisturizing it at the same time.

The brand’s gentlemen’s facial mask is another good option. It’s a solid addition to a well-rounded skincare routine. Kaolin clay and charcoal combine forces to bring toxins and dirt out of your skin, helping you to look your most dapper and refreshed. Fact is we’re not getting any younger and a mask like this will help to tighten skin and reduce fine lines when used regularly.

Do yourself a favor, go check out the brand’s website here and treat your skin like the temple that it is. Beau Brummell would be proud.



Interview with Co-Founder Daniel Evar

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I grew up in a small town in Northern New Jersey and currently live in the lower east side of Manhattan.

What do you do and how did you get there?

During my last year of college, I started up an e-commerce business, which later on evolved into a product development and branding company. Shortly after the company’s shift, my brother, Zack, and I began working on bringing to life our vision for Beau Brummell. I now focus 100% of my efforts on Beau Brummell and the mission to better men’s lives everywhere.

Where do you seek inspiration and what motivates you?

My inspiration comes from Beau Brummell himself! The 18th Century Englishman did a lot to change the way that men live their lives and how they took care of themselves. His teachings are still relevant in men’s fashion and personal care today, which is the reason I was captivated by him ever since I learned about who he was a few years back. Our goal is to bring the importance of personal care to a gentleman’s life, just as Beau Brummell did 200 years ago.

Apart from that I am also motivated by our customers and young men who are realizing better and healthier ways to live their lives. This drives the desire to want to provide services and products, which match their standards.

What is your go-to outfit and how would you describe your style in 3 words?

I definitely prefer slim fitting clothing; in my opinion, you can never really go wrong with a nice pair of blue jeans, a button down and a blazer. My go to shoes would be a good quality leather booth. With proper care, Leather boots will look better as they age, they almost gain a certain character with age in the way that your daily activities shape the leather and leave their mark on it. And I never leave my apartment without a watch!

Three words that would describe my style are Classic, Dapper, and Minimalistic.

What is your big project at the moment?

Aside from spreading the word about our brand and our mission, at the moment I am working very hard to get Beau Brummell products into local and national retail stores.

Last words?

At Beau Brummell, we don’t just sell skincare and grooming products; we want our customers to adopt the lifestyle that Mr. Brummell himself embodied in his day. We believe that with a little effort and enough attention to detail, every man can look and feel like a true gentlemen.