Authenticity 50


As a husband-wife team, you know we love to hear stories about couples who work together or have started businesses based on a shared passion. We also do a lot of writing and these days we end up writing mostly in bed. It’s something about the dim lighting and the desire to be relaxed that helps to get the creative juices flowing.

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Henry & Ashe


The joy of starting Le club des douze lied in finding brands dedicated to craftsmanship and quality goods that aren’t trying to bilk you out of your life savings. Since we’ve recently been on the hunt for the coolest watches on the market right now, we are happy to write about Henry & Ashe, a newcomer to the game whose skills and designs could fool you into thinking they’ve been around for years.

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Hemel – Heritage Timepieces


2017. It’s here already. We have set new goals for ourselves and the blog but what remains unchanged is our will to find the perfect watches for the modern gentleman. After a series of posts about brands that offer very streamlined designs, we wanted to feature a US-based brand that is a little different, more rugged yet refined: Hemel.

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Sock’m – Socks That Inspire


So you thought you knew all about socks? Well, let me break it to you. You don’t. At least not until you get acquainted with Sock’m. Not only does the brand have the weirdest and most hilarious About Us page I’ve ever read (a wildlife-meet-shrooms-experience kind of story, you’ll see), they also make the dopest socks we’ve seen in a while. It’s a bold statement, I know. But we mean it.

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Armogan Exclusive Timepieces


Here’s the thing. Our quest for the perfect watch will never end. Simply because there are two many beautiful options out there. And speaking of beautiful, today we’re telling you about Luxembourg-based brand Armogan. We discovered them a couple of months ago and can’t get their timepieces out our minds. So here we are.

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Dancys Dapper Accessories


They say the devil is in the details, but we take that expression and liberally apply it to a good outfit. The key to elevating a look from good to great is in the details -as in the accessories. Any guy can wear well-made trousers, a shirt and a jacket or some variation on the basic menswear ensemble but it doesn’t mean he’s going to stand out from the pack.

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Henry Blake Watches


Our hunt for a great watch never sleeps. That’s because we don’t believe in having just one watch. A man can and should have several watches in his arsenal -various colors and textiles will complement and add finesse to a look in different ways. Or simply put, this is a fine looking watch.

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