Winter Session Bags & a Giveaway


We’re starting to see some Colorado-based brands crop up who are making fresh menswear and accessories that reflect a rugged sense of utilitarian chic that translates across lifestyles. Winter Session has to be one of the coolest brands we’ve discovered lately and they’re straight outta Denver.

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Bolin Webb Grooming Tools


A great outfit and accessories mean nothing if they’re not accompanied by proper grooming. We see this time and again, a guy can have the best look from say shoulder to toes but often falls short from neck up. It’s not always intuitive. I remember those first adolescent shaves and nicking my face and feeling like I’d never master the whole shave game.

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Giveaway: Jean Bellecour

It’s time for a new giveaway! We’ve been really busy and unfortunately hadn’t time to organize one sooner but we’re delighted to have partnered with French brand Jean Bellecour to allow you to win the above watch. How do you like them apples? To enter, head over to our Instagram account (@leclubdesdouze) and follow the instructions on this picture‘s caption -or email me if you’re not on Instagram. We’ll pick a winner on Sunday evening. Good luck to everybody!

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Sitrana in Brooklyn


About two years ago, we discovered a Chilean footwear brand called Sitrana. Do you remember? We told you about them here. At the time, I had a chat with the founder Eric, who explained to me that he had just opened their first Chilean store and that one of his goals was to find stockists and eventually open a store in the US. I’m therefore stoked to announce that Sitrana is opening its first New York location in Brooklyn this week! And you’re invited…

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Monforti’s Italian-Made Timepieces

If you read the blog regularly –or even only semi-regularly!– then you know we have a thing for well-made, streamlined timepieces. And speaking of... We just discovered Monforti, which manufactures its watches in Italy. They stood out to us because they make choosing one of their watches a truly personal experience, given the wealth of options they allow you to choose from.

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