Ruitertassen Leather Bags


As you know, we aim to curate the world of independent and heritage menswear. And today, we’d like to introduce a Belgian brand that has been around since the 1920s: Ruitertassen. For some mysterious reason, we’ve only discovered it recently… But at least we have and our timing is perfect since the brand just launched a new version of its e-shop!

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Bridge & Boro Denim Shirts


Over the past couple of years the denim shirt trend has mad a huge comeback. Everyone seems to be doing it. But that doesn’t mean they’re all doing it right. Don’t get me wrong, as a denim aficionado, I’m happy to see more brands getting into indigo. But cheap fabric just doesn’t cut it for us. We’re into sturdy garments that last, and that’s not how most labels work, unfortunately. Very upsetting indeed.

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New Schmoove Collection


This isn’t the first time we write about French footwear brand Schmoove (nor that we include it to one of our selections of menswear). The reason being, well, that we’re fans. For the last 15 years, the brand has, collection after collection, perfected its style, which mixes classic designs and original details. To the point that it’s kind of become the label’s signature.

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Xavier Athletica


Last week, our curated selection of menswear was about going back to work after a well-deserved Summer break. This week, it’s about going back to the gym! Not an easy task for some of us… I’ve always been kinda sporty, fencing competitively in my teenage years and running quite a lot since. Most recently, I’ve been into kettle bells and High Intensity Interval Training, which I started doing at a cosy studio near work. Finding the right environment to work out is important. But finding the right gear is equally as important. And speaking of which…

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Master & Dynamic On The Go


Do you know about Master & Dynamic? Well, you should. Because we wrote about their first headphones early last year. Discovering the brand was to us a revelation, in the cluttered world of discrete audio listening. Since, we’ve been ignoring trends, dismissing techy looking rapper-owned headsets and have remained partial to Master & Dynamic, if anything for their use of buttery leather, sleek design and most importantly for the impeccable clarity of sound afforded by their products.

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