The Last Great Malts Of Scotland

Sunday night, it’s time to reflect on another eventful week. We had a very busy day on Tuesday as we spent the day in Belgium to attend the Longines Masters’ press event at the Écuries d’Ecaussines (where we mingled with some dapper gents) before returning to Paris in the evening to hear about a very special project called The Last Great Malts Of Scotland: a series of unique whiskies released to the public for the first time.

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Back To Basics – Pastis 51

Pastis 51

We just had a couple of rough weeks, between several editorial projects we’re working on (and that we’ll tell you all about very soon) and our ever growing consulting activity. Last weekend, we just felt like taking a break and went to the country, leaving our friends to party in Paris on their own. After all, there’s nothing better to chill out that a bit a grass, some fresh air… and a cold drink!

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La Bella Giornata With Peroni


Do you know Peroni, the Italian beer? A little? Well, me too. Sure, I lived in the UK where it’s one of the most popular beers. But still, until recently I knew very little about Nastro Azzurro, besides that it’s tasty and easy to drink. Last week, we were invited to spend the day with the brand’s team in Paris, to get to know the beer better, understand its flavor and the lifestyle conveyed by Peroni. And what a day!

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Working At Home

Peg & Awl office accessories

Over the last two years, I’ve worked from home regularly, usually one day a week. But since the beginning of the year and as we relocated to Paris, I’ve been working at home every day. I love it. Sure, it requires a lot of self-discipline, but once you get the hang of it, you see that you find you are more focused and productive.

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What I Read Today: Les Others

Les Others Magazine

I love magazines. For as long as I can remember, they’ve always been a huge source of inspiration for me. As a teenager, long before Pinterest existed, I would devour interior design magazines and quarterly artsy papers. I still do. I wanted to tell you about the great reads we’ve discovered in a new column. I’m calling it What I Read Today.

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The Best Songs For Take Off


As you might have seen on Instagram (@leclubdesdouze), I was in Greece last week. It had been a bit over 4 years that I hadn’t visited my family and it was time. It’s a short flight to Thessaloniki in Makedonia and I’ve done it dozens of times, but man, I hate flying… I still wanted to somehow enjoy the experience and so I asked my friend Adrien, the music guy, to put together for me the best songs for take off. And the timing is actually perfect since he just launched an awesome app called The Best Song.

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6 Awesome Books About Men’s Style

6 awesome books about men's style

On Mondays, before I get anything done and even start to think about what I have on for the day, I like to pick a book from my shelves and flip through it. There’s nothing like starting the week feeling inspired, refreshed and the head full of stylish photographs. I recommend you do the same, and in case you need help building up your personal library, I put together a list of my all time favorite books about men’s style.

What are your favorite books about menswear? And what rituals do you start the week with? Let me know and let’s chat on Twitter!