Havana Club x The Bitter Truth

Crafting the perfect cocktail

Last week we were invited to Baton Rouge, a new bar by French bartender Julien Escot, in Pigalle, Paris, for the launch of Essence of Cuba, a series of cocktail flavorings, designed by Havana Club in collaboration with German bitter brand The Bitter Truth. The venue is inspired by the very unique atmosphere of Louisiana, which I’m especially found of. Our friends (and our Instagram followers) would know that we travelled to New Orleans four times in the last two years, to visit friends, have epic meals and of course drink Bourbon and Sazerac, some of the region’s most notorious drinks. Needless to say, then, that we had a blast and that Baton Rouge has officially received our seal of approval…

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Nothing Like A Holiday

Presidents Day in Style

Today is a holiday in America. Presidents Day to be precise. And though I relocated at the end of December to Paris, it means that I don’t work today since I’m still on a US (paycheck) schedule. For once I can take my time, stay in a bed a little longer, organize my desk, think about the past weekend. And it was a pretty good one!

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Valentine’s Day In Style

Valentine's Day in styleI’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. To say the least. I find it a very commercial celebration but hey, it’s any a good occasion to dress up and enjoy a good time with your wife, girlfriend or lover. Am I right? If you get a cool gift out of it, it’s even better. But it’s not all about receiving, it’s also about giving! Which is why I’ve put together a quick list of my favorite Valentine’s Day offering to treat her (and yourself?) like she deserves.

Treat her right and enjoy the night! I know I will…

Good Bye New York – Bonjour Paris

New York

If you follow Le club des douze on Instagram, you would have noticed that we recently moved to Paris. It’s now been little over a month that we left New York where we had been living for three years and as a native Parisian, I have to say that I am thrilled to be back in my hometown. Paris is an amazing city and such a great base to travel across Europe, as a matter of fact we already travelled to London since the beginning of the year! I have to admit though, there are some things I definitely miss about living in the Big Apple. Let’s start with five…

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Paris Menswear

Back in July, the founder of Fashion City Insider (an online city guide of the world’s leading fashion cities) asked me to share with her readers my favorite Parisian spots. The full article is here but I thought I would give you a preview here. She asked for an itinerary of the best lifestyle and menswear boutiques.

Here are four of my picks:

Make sure to read the full post here and let me know what your favorite Paris stores are.


Labor Day In Stripes

Sleepy Jones, Everlane & Sawa
It’s been a pretty intense couple of weeks between work, designing a new version of Le club’s website (doesn’t it look much better?) and planning a wedding. Naturally when we got a chance to get away for the long weekend, we jumped on the occasion. And it was great! Driving through rural New York, checking out local organic markets and hanging out by the pool… It was the break I needed.

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Intelligentsia Coffee Shop

What I wore to Intelligentsia CoffeeIf you follow me on Twitter, you would have understood by now that I’m addicted to caffeine. For me, coffee is a religion. I work in Midtown, New York, where it’s unfortunately almost impossible to find a decent cup of joe. On Wednesday, My friend Neil took me to a new coffee shop in the area, Intelligentsia. What a treat! Our smooth lattes perfectly complimented our chat about future endeavors…

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Russ & Daughters

Checking out Russ & DaughtersOver the weekend my friend Kevin was in New York visiting from Paris for work. I took him to Russ & Daughters for an old school cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel. It was hot in the city and I knew we were going to walk a lot so I wore my new pair of Nike Roshe runnersblack Acne jeans and a military black watch, courtesy of French watchmaker Briston. It was great to catch up and spend the afternoon cruising from the Lower East Side to Tribeca !