A Converted Workshop In Lesbos

The Ancient Blacksmithery in LesbosSome of you will know that I am half French-half Greek. I absolutely love Greece and have so many great memories from summers spent there. It is a beautiful country with such a rich history and I always wonder why I don’t see more of it in design and architecture magazines as it has so much to offer in these fields.

Thank you Kinfolk for bringing to my attention (by way of Emmas Designblogg) this beautiful converted space on the Island of Lesbos (photographed by Wichmann + Bendtsen). The building from the 1930s was once a blacksmith’s workshop before being left abandoned for a while and then discovered by a group of Danish architects who turned it into a modern vacation house.

I perfectly envision myself waking up quietly, drinking my coffee and reading the newspaper du jour sitting down at that wooden table before hitting the road to explore the island’s beaches and olive fields. Don’t you?