Corridor New York: Spring Summer


This year, for the first time in almost 5 years, we were in Paris during men’s Fashion Week. As we told you then, we hit up the menswear trade shows and discovered some great designers, including Dan Snyder, the founder of New York based brand Corridor. I was first drawn to the label’s darker winter shirts (like the two above: Japanese Dot left and Indigo Drop Dot right, both still available) but as Spring is starting to settle in, even here in Paris, I thought I’d share a couple of visuals from their SS15 lookbook.

First, let me tell you why I love Corridor. When strolling by the stand at Capsule and as soon as I saw the shirts, I had an urge to walk over and feel the fabric. There’s nothing like a comfy shirt made of thick and sturdy cotton, which speaks to the quality of the material and the care put into the making of the garment. And that’s exactly what Corridor makes: carefully thought out quality shirts. And though the shirts come in a variety of patterns, they’re so consistent that you can tell you’re dealing with a designer brand.

And as explains Dan, the founder and designer: “Corridor is me, every piece is made in the way that I would create something for myself using the best of everything, no compromises, no gimmicks, cutting no corners, and made here in NYC“. Some solid work, I tell you.

Now, what’s new for Spring and Summer? Lighter fabrics, lighter colors, more prints –some floral– and a couple of short-sleeved shirts. I shared my favorite pieces below. What do you think? Let me know how you feel about the collection on Twitter (@leclubdesdouze) and check out all of the SS15 shirts on the brand’s e-shop.