Dreaming Of The Perfect House


It seems that as time goes by, interior design and accessories become increasingly more appealing to me. Where I used to just pass by a home store without thinking twice, I now find myself stopping and looking at a cool bathtub or design garbage can with the same enthusiasm I once reserved for clothes and footwear…

I think our move to Paris last year probably played a role in my increased interest in all things interior design. We are now looking into our first real adult apartment, as I like to call it. No more posters (sans frame at least) and we’ve agreed that we will invest in some furniture that doesn’t require self-assembly. I take inspiration from the many great furniture and interiors stores all around the city -and a few cool ones online. I also have to admit that, when it comes to interiors, Pinterest has become for me a new form of guilt-free window shopping (by the way, make sure to follow us on Pinterest if you don’t already).

Now the only problem with this newly found obsession is that our future apartment is most likely not going to be nearly the size of most of these gems that I see online. The key will be how to translate beautiful interiors into a considerably smaller space. It is definitely a doable feat, but will require a bit of finesse and editing. Until we move to our dream apartment, I will have to continue to peruse and daydream of spacious living rooms and the perfect modern kitchen

How about you guys? What’s your dream apartment and where do you look for cool interior design inspiration?

Image credit ©Marcello Gavioli/homify.fr