Easter Bargains

Every year at Easter, it’s the same story. People head out looking for chocolate eggs (or something). But not me. I usually pour myself a nice cup of coffee, sit on my couch and get weird -looking for bargains. I call those Easter bargains. Don’t judge. This year, this journey took me to my favorite menswear e-shop, End Clothing, but also to Farfetch, which I browse less often. Here’s what I found. If you like what you see, hurry up, sizes are limited. Oh and happy Easter, folks!

Armor-Lux Long Sleeve Striped Shirt – €55 / £45 / $55

Why? Because there’s no such thing as too many Breton shirts (or marinières, as the French call them). I mean, seriously, stripes. If you need only one, Armor-Lux is the way to go. Plus, it’s made in France.



Incotex Slim Fit Stretch Chinos – €119 / £99 / $125

Why? Let’s face it, we’re too old (stylish?) to wear poorly designed trousers from H&M. We just are. And when it comes to well engineered pants, one has to look to Italy. It’s a fact. Plus, we’ve been obsessed with Venice-based Incotex for a little while, so there.



Grenson Tassel Loafers – €79 / £65 / $79

Why? So that one is a bit controversial because, well, not everybody likes tassels. That being said, we’re talking about a pair of Grenson shoes. Grenson, people, Grenson. For that price? Just go for it and you’ll deal with your aversion for tassels later.



Soulland Beanie Hat – €26 / £23 / $24

Why? Because even though everybody in London got super excited last weekend because it was sunny for a couple of hours –including myself, I must admit– it’s actually still pretty nippy out… Cover those ears, fellas!


Timex NATO-Style Watch – €55 / £45 / $55

Why? I mean, that one’s basically a no-brainer. A NATO-style Timex watch that’s nearly 50% off? Get one a week (not quite, but you get the idea).


Dondup Leather Belt – €51 / £46 / $49

Why? Well, those Incotex trousers have to stay up, don’t they? I kid. But that’s a classic belt, made in Italy, and it’s discounted. So why not go for it? That’s the type of item you should only ever get on sale.