Selection #102: Hipster Wedding

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Postmarc: From The Boardroom To The Boarding Gate


This week’s feature tells the very interesting story of a man who was inspired to take the road less traveled by exploring the world and following his passion. A self-professed road warrior, Marcelino Hernandez founded postmarc in New York, but it is clear that he used the experience he amassed living and traveling abroad, working as an architect, to create a company that reflects today’s globetrobbing man.

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Selection #101: Dark Days of Winter

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Cabane: Quality Knits From France


I am a big fan of quality knitwear and as you know, Le club des douze is a huge supporter of the new wave of made in France brands. Back in Spring 2014, I got in touch with the founder of Alix Briffaud, Cabane. I was impressed with her men’s collection and told her that come Winter, we’ll talk about the her company and share our favorite picks from the brand. Here we are!

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Canvas Bag Machine: A Family Legacy

Canvas Bag Machine - The Standard

This week we are talking about the Maine, USA-based brand Canvas Bag Machine. We first caught notice of the brand because of their timeless, cool canvas bags that we think will seamlessly take you from the office to your weekend at the beach immediately after you clock out on Friday afternoon. We then fell in love with Canvas Bag Machine when we learned about the story behind the founding of the company.

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Selection #100: The Great Wintery Outdoors


Selection #99: New Year, Fresh Start


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