Selection #94: Indigo Variations

selection 94

Selection #93: Colors For Fall

selection 93

MMT: Revisiting The Pocket Watch


It’s the story of two brothers (Baptiste and Jeremy) and their friend Thomas. The trio has always been close and wanted to work together on a creative project. Together they founded MMT, and recently launched their second line of pocket watches, like the one the siblings’ grandfather use to carry everywhere.

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Selection #92: Dapper Days

Selection 92

High Quality Boots Under $200


Writing about menswear is a lot of fun. Over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered hundreds of cool independent brands and met a bunch of extremely passionate designers and entrepreneurs. I have to say though… The folks behind Thursday Boot Company are some of most driven yet down to earth creatives I’ve met since launching Le club des douze and I am super proud to feature the brand in our Fall selection #91.

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