Selection #98: Winter Wonders


Natural Selection London


I’m going to put it in very simple terms: I love every single piece designed by John Park for Natural Selection. The British brand started as a Japanese selvedge-only denim brand in 2009 before expanding, this season, to ready-to-wear. A smart move, if you ask me, given how coherent the collection is, from the huge selection of jeans to the stunningly well constructed jackets (including this one featured in our latest selection).

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Selection #97: Winter In Color

Le club des douze: menswear selection #97

Where To Buy Bags For Men


I’m very happy to have discovered a brand new French e-commerce website that looks damn good and offers a selection of brands that we’ve been following since our very first posts… Good Manners, launched over the summer by two Parisian friends, only sells bags for men, an accessory that’s close to my heart! I believe that each situation requires a different bag: going to the gym, carrying your MacBook, traveling… Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the ideal bag. Well… Good Manners makes it easy.

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Wooden Bow Ties Merci Simone


The bow tie is back, clearly. Up until recently, it was still a rather difficult accessory to pull off. Too dandy for some, too old school for others. Well, I’m happy it’s not the case anymore and that more and more young men are beginning to wear it. I’m not exactly sure how it all happened nor to what we owe that recent evolution. Either way, more and more brands decide to specialize in bow ties and some of them are pretty innovative, much like Merci Simone that designs wooden bow ties.

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12 Winter Sweaters We Love

Our 12 favorite winter sweater for men

We can’t deny it anymore, Winter is here. As I write this, it is currently snowing over New York City. Although we don’t like to be cold, we do look forward to winter for all the great sweaters. A good sweater makes the cold worth it. Since it’s getting colder by the day and the holiday season is fast approaching, we decided to put together a special selection of 12 winter sweater we’re loving right now. Consider it our gift to you. Happy holidays!

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