Osmium: American Made Classics

OsmiumThere is nothing like American menswear staples. And this is what Osmium is all about. Simple, sturdy, well (America) made products that are built to last. This is always what I’m looking for in clothes. I don’t buy flimsy. I’d rather save until I have enough to purchase an interesting piece that I know I will keep for years. For instance, I own several pairs of shoes that I have been wearing for almost a decade.

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Selection #83: Indigo & Brown

selection 83

A New York Loft

1407789866212_gentlemans-quarters-dean-disimone-02Who doesn’t like a New York loft? I sure do like them. And when Dean Di Simone’s appeared on my Twitter timeline, I was happy. For several reasons actually, not only because it’s a New York loft. But also because Dean works with one of the hottest bike makers right now. Cyclists from Japan to England rave about Tokyobike’s city bikes. The Japanese company, based on the concept of Tokyo Slow (which reminds me of the Slow Fashion movement that we support) was founded over 10 years ago and is well on his way to take over the world (of tasteful cycling) with stores in London, Berlin, Sydney and now New York.

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