German Streetstyle With Shibumi


Last week we discovered Niels & Benedikts, two German buddies that founded together a beautiful brand of rare menswear accessories of an impressive quality. You can read our article about their collection here. Not only did they make us drool over their silk knitted ties and their Paisley prints, but they also managed to inspire us with this streetstyle-like shot that features a couple of their products.

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Selection #91: Layering Up

Daniel Wellington Watches

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a selection two weeks ago. For the first time in a while we took a break. And it was awesome (do not click this link if you have something against palm trees and a blue sky)! When we were away the good folks over at Daniel Wellington reached out to let us know they appreciate our work and would like to work with us. I obliged. Duh. I love their collection and the way they managed to carefully craft an image that not only makes sense but reflect the quality and creativity of their brand.

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Dobson Clothing: British Workwear

dobson_lookbook_style2_shroom_RGB_1024x1024If you read this blog regularly you would know that the team behind Le club des douze is into workwear. Way into workwear. I think it has to do with the sweet nostalgia that comes with it. Most work jackets are inspired by uniforms and factory wear from the past century. They are tokens of a time where working class fashion was simpler. No fuss. All ruggedness and utilitarian fabrics.

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Selection #90: Fall Camouflage


Hircus: Quality Cashmere Sweaters

pull-hircus-col-vI’ve never considered myself a creative person but I have always been attracted to the world of creation and the creative process, especially in fashion. I enjoy trying to understand how creative ideas are born and what inspires an entrepreneur or a designer to put together a collection. I’ve recently discovered the brand Hircus and I was actually impressed by the way they thought out their collection before producing it.

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