Hircus: Quality Cashmere Sweaters

pull-hircus-col-vI’ve never considered myself a creative person but I have always been attracted to the world of creation and the creative process, especially in fashion. I enjoy trying to understand how creative ideas are born and what inspires an entrepreneur or a designer to put together a collection. I’ve recently discovered the brand Hircus and I was actually impressed by the way they thought out their collection before producing it.

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Selection #89: Gearing Up For November


A Soap Warehouse In Tribeca

Tribeca LoftIt feels like it’s been a while since we featured an apartment in Manhattan. This week, I was immediately drawn to this amazing space in Tribeca. This house, designed by New York architect Andrew Franz is in the Tribeca Manufacturing Building, a former soap warehouse.

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Selection #88: Autumn Leaves

selection 88

T. Walker: American Flannel

I love Fall. Probably because I was born in November. But also because I love dressing up for Fall. It’s all about earthier colors, layering and (if that’s your thing) flannel. It’s an American classic. It’s been around forever and everyone loves wearing it. But as more and more retailers now sell washed up versions of the checkered shirt, I find it difficult to find a truly well made (and America made) flannel shirt.

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