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Suitcases & Swiss Army Knives


One of my earliest memories involves a Swiss Army knife, handled by my dad –slicing a tomato– while on the road, somewhere in the Alps. Before I even knew what a logo was, that of Victorinox –the historic manufacturer of the knives– was engraved on my psyche.

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Japanese Jackets on The Garbstore


It seems that everywhere I go, these days, is cold. I was in Marseille for work last week and thought, when I got off the plane, that I’d freeze before making it to my hotel. I didn’t. But I sure hoped I had brought a couple of extra jackets to layer up. Over the weekend, I checked out a few of my favorite e-shops to see if I could find a sturdy over shirt on sale to wear under my camel overcoat. Instead, I found two cool Japanese jackets on London-based e-shop Couverture & The Garbstore.

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Chapal Leather Jackets & Co


We started this blog –nearly six years ago now!– to write about entrepreneurs, independent designers and the heritage brands that inspire them. Today, we’re telling you about Chapal, one of those inspiring labels, a French company in operation since 1832 that specializes in quality leather and fur, and is known for representing the best of two worlds that are dear to our heart: utilitarian uniforms and French class.

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