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Modest Vintage Player


If you’re a keen reader of the club, you’ll know that we’re always on the lookout for aesthetically pleasing objects, to wear, to cook or make drinks with, but also to work out with. Beautiful pieces with a purpose… We published a number of gym and workout selections of menswear over the years but have never really looked into sports accessories -probably because up until recently, we would go to a gym and didn’t need our own gear. But since our daughter was born, we have started working out at home.

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Ackurat Watches


Nope. Our quest to find the coolest watches out there hasn’t yet ended. In fact, we just discovered a new Swedish brand that wereally wanted to feature on the blog this week. So without further ado, we’re telling you today about Ackurat, their sleek timepieces and their crowd-funding campaign.

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Maven Minimalist Watches

So, we’re still on our quest to find the coolest watches on the market. After telling you last week about an ancestral European watchmaking maison, we decided to switch things up and tell you about a new brand called Maven, inspired by the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

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Ties & Activism With Knots Apparel


At Le club des douze, we like brands that are not just looking to make a buck but are also looking to give something in return. That’s why we love Knots Apparel. They’re accessories designers, crafters, entrepreneurs and social activists all at once. They use their passion for menswear to help those in need. And we respect that. A lot. We also think their ties are pretty damn cool.

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