Easter Bargains

Every year at Easter, it’s the same story. People head out looking for chocolate eggs (or something). But not me. I usually pour myself a nice cup of coffee, sit on my couch and get weird -looking for bargains. I call those Easter bargains. Don’t judge. This year, this journey took me to my favorite menswear e-shop, End Clothing, but also to Farfetch, which I browse less often. Here’s what I found. If you like what you see, hurry up, sizes are limited. Oh and happy Easter, folks!

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Toka Toka SS17


Only Wednesday but it’s already been a rough week! Can it be the weekend already? At least, it’s started to be nice and warm in London… I know it probably won’t last but in the meantime it has me longing for some sun. And so I thought I’d share with you Toka Toka‘s new lookbook for their latest collection -since it was shot in sunny Marseille and inspired by Cuba! The collection is called Ambus Mundos. It is an ode to good old Ernest Hemingway, who resided in La Havana from 1932 to 1939. It features light Summer shirts inspired by the island and casual jackets and jerseys. All products are available hereEnjoy.

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Berg – Norwegian Timepieces


We recently discovered a Norwegian company called Lustbox (read our feature here). And quite frankly, having never worked with a Norway-based label before, we were pretty curious about the country’s menswear scene. So we asked the entrepreneurs behind the subscription box business to point us in the right direction and they immediately recommended we check out a new watch brand called Berg.

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Lustbox Subscription


At Le club des douze, we believe that it’s important to own a couple of pieces that will make up your wardrobe. But it’s equally as important to accessorize those properly. And to keep it fresh, you will have to build a library of accessories that you love and are happy to choose from, every day. Of course, it can take time and cost you quite a bit of money. Unless you have a system…

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Ackurat Watches


Nope. Our quest to find the coolest watches out there hasn’t yet ended. In fact, we just discovered a new Swedish brand that wereally wanted to feature on the blog this week. So without further ado, we’re telling you today about Ackurat, their sleek timepieces and their crowd-funding campaign.

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Maven Minimalist Watches

So, we’re still on our quest to find the coolest watches on the market. After telling you last week about an ancestral European watchmaking maison, we decided to switch things up and tell you about a new brand called Maven, inspired by the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

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