Selection #76: 12 Shades of Black


A Loft in Brooklyn

Last weekend I discovered Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell’s loft in Willimsburg, Brooklyn, photographed by Freunde Von Freunden. A peaceful place in a busy neighborhood, the designer/photographer couple have created such a refreshing living space. They turned the two-floor apartment previously shared by a group of friends into a place that resembles them: cosy and creative. Brick walls, massive windows, wooden furniture and a frenzie of houseplants.

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Miniséri: The French Cartable

tumblr_n863deNeMY1temb6wo1_1280At Le club des douze we’ve always celebrated brands that find inspiration in the past to design modern and timeless pieces. Just like the French bag label Miniséri, launched in 2007 by Céline Basset. The designer re-edits the leather briefcase à la française. And I love it. My favorite bag is L’Excellent, a premium version of the original French cartable from the 1950s, with its unmistakable tuck clasps, and nubuck and vichy lining.

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Urban Safari

tumblr_n81k94RAdc1r7nvcho1_1280This week, my favorite streetstyle outfit is Herman Byström’s (the Swedish blogger behind Sartorial Doctrine, photographed by Robin Håkansson). I love the urban safari style. The linen pants worn without a belt, the army green worker’s jacket elevated thanks to the pocket square, discretly slipped into the chest pocket, and of course, the panama hat.

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Selection #75: Urban Adventures

tumblr_n8276jK1Z91temb6wo1_1280 (1)

Westward Ho

Westward-restaurant-Little-Gull-metal-bar-Seattle-Remodelista_0This week’s interior inspiration feature is the bar at Westward Ho in Seattle featured by Remodelista. We love how the restaurant has transported the feeling of the sea and inside of a ship onto land, without making it cheesy. We saw this photo of the bar and the rustic side of the boat and immediately thought about our  ‘special beard’ selection! We envisioned a seaman with a thick and long beard enjoying a cold beer at the counter…

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Selection #73: The Bike Ride


The Brighton Beard Company

tumblr_n7t1ihNjkY1temb6wo1_1280Our latest selection is inspired by the dapper bearded man. And you can’t be dapper unless that beard is propperly groomed. That’s where The Brighton Beard Company comes in. Lloyd and Jessica, who launched the brand last year in Brighton, England provide the essential when it comes beard-care: waxes, oils and combs. And they do it in style. The imagery of the company is inspired by the scenic South Coast of England and each product is named after a local smugglers from the area.

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