Hemel – Heritage Timepieces


2017. It’s here already. We have set new goals for ourselves and the blog but what remains unchanged is our will to find the perfect watches for the modern gentleman. After a series of posts about brands that offer very streamlined designs, we wanted to feature a US-based brand that is a little different, more rugged yet refined: Hemel.

The brand was founded by Marvin Menke, who got into watches when his dad gifted him his first wristwatch –a Timex Hand-Winder. After graduating from FIT and working as designer, Marvin developed his knowledge of watchmaking, learning about the best materials, movements, etc. Eventually, he decided to launch his own brand of automatic watches, inspired by the iconic look of mid-century military timepieces.

He set his mind on building an aesthetic based on historical watches, whilst making sure to update their design so they fit in the modern man’s lifestyle and remain timeless. And we love the result…




The Hemel watches aren’t only about looks. They’re sturdy timepieces that one can hope to keep for many years. The cases are made from 100% surgical grade 316 stainless steel and are water resistant to 100m. They also feature a Miyota 9015 movement, sapphire crystals and C3 dials – specs that are very much sought after by collectors.

My favorite watch from the brand’s first collection is the Hemel Track – below on the left. The case is 40mm wide and 13mm thick and comes with a heavy duty green nylon straps, which gives it its authentic military vibe. The face is also available in a polished finish – as above.

Check out the brand’s launch video to learn more about Hemel and take a peek at the e-shop if you’re looking to treat yourself to a well crafted and fine looking heritage watch. Make sure to let us know which timepiece is your favorite on social media (@leclubdesdouze)!