In House Murals

The Selby in BrazilI’ve been a huge fan of Todd Selby’s The Selby for years. I own his two books (that I strongly recommend) and that I browse often for inspiration. Every once and a while, I head to his website and literally binge on interior design and quality photographs. Which I did last night!

The murals and faded painted walls of Alexandre Herchcovitch’s apartment in São Paulo caught my eye. It’s an older feature since it was published in January 2012 but I love it. Everything about it is quirky and antique. Leather and corduroy couches, oversized tapestry and a bunch of weird objects: an ancient mannequin head, several vintage dolls and old portraits.

It looks interesting, for certain (but also bizarre). And quite frankly I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel spending a night in that apartment! Would you? Tell me how you feel about it on Twitter.