Modest Vintage Player


If you’re a keen reader of the club, you’ll know that we’re always on the lookout for aesthetically pleasing objects, to wear, to cook or make drinks with, but also to work out with. Beautiful pieces with a purpose… We published a number of gym and workout selections of menswear over the years but have never really looked into sports accessories -probably because up until recently, we would go to a gym and didn’t need our own gear. But since our daughter was born, we have started working out at home.

We recently came across a company based in New Zealand, called Modest Vintage Player, that makes some of the coolest leather workout accessories in the game, and we’re excited to tell you about it today. The brand was launched by a couple of gentlemen fascinated with the history of sport. They wanted to turn that passion into a business and recreate some of those all-class leather accessories for people to actually use and exercise with.

We personally love their boxing gloveswhy not get fit and swing in style?– and the medicine ball, which comes in handy for squats and abs works. But even more importantly, the leather is absolutely gorgeous and both are extremely well crafted… And they look stunning on our bedroom floor. Craftsmanship that remains proudly on display in our home.

More about the brand here and make sure to check out their online store here to shop their medicine balls.