Nickelson Wooster

Nick WoosterSo I just realized that I have never posted a picture of menswear retailer extraordinaire Nick Wooster as part of our weekly menswear inspiration feature. And that is very odd. Because Nick is a huge source of inspiration for anyone interested in men’s fashion. Including myself. And so there you have it. Mister Wooster, his tats, his panache, for the first time on Le club des douze.

It seems like Nick can wear pretty much anything and look dapper… which is probably why he’s a style icon! Take this half shirt/half light blazer, for instance. It is a pretty risky piece, but he pulls it off like a pro by wearing it with more traditional accessories, like these Persol shades. Might this be his secret? Classics with a dash of next level?

The shot was taken by the very talented streetstyle photographer George Elder for Four Pins. I strongly recommend you check out his work here by the way.