Paris Yorker, New Collection


Last year, while freezing our buns off in New York, we told you about Paris Yorker, a young French brand that specializes in men’s cashmere sweaters. We loved the quality of their wool and their very simple, timeless designs. The brand just launched a new collection and we thought we’d take a peek. After all, nothing is more satisfying than to see brands we discovered grow steadily and establish themselves in their niche, season after season.

Paris Yorker’s sweaters are made from cashmere from Papi Fabio, one of the oldest spinning mills in the world, known (in Italy and far beyond) for its selection of quality cashmere fibers and the way it processes wool to give it a very soft, light touch, typical of Italian cashmere.

The sweaters are then manufactured in a specialized workshop, where it takes no less than 2 and a half hours of work to produce a single piece, from the knitting steps to the final labeling. The brand’s products are exclusively sold on the brand’s e-shop to offer a fairer price (all the sweaters are under 100 euros, instead of 260 euros in traditional retail).


This season, Paris Yorker expanded the collection with more colors. The brand still offers a beautiful beige, but slightly darker than last year, as well as additional nuances for each color-way: three different grays and five different dark blues, from navy to duck blue.

The label also decided to dig deeper to offer some more out-of-the-box colors like with this white sweater, the orange one (only recommended if you’re into bright outfits!) and the burgundy one (rather traditional but not that common for a sweater). Just like last year, each color-way is available as a v-neck or a crew-neck.

Go check out the brand’s website and hit me up to tell me which color is your favorite. As far as I’m concerned, I love the faded blue (cf. the first picture in this article), pretty unique and easy to pair with both a blazer to go to work or a pair of jeans on the weekend.