Plein Air Café

Kinfolk is amongst the top 10 publications I enjoy browsing every week. If you’ve never checked it out, head over to their website asap, you won’t regret it. Last week I stumbled upon one of their features about Plein Air Café in Chicago. After twenty minutes of reading and drooling over Amy Jo Royall’s photographs of the place, I was ready to pack a suitcase and drive to Chi-town to spend a couple of hours at the coffee shop. Which I didn’t do. Something to do with having to go to work tomorrow.

As you might have noticed from the places I’ve showcased before, I am obsessed with luminous, simple, cozy looking spaces. Muck like Plein Air, located steps away from Hyde Park. I especially love the bar area, which is enclosed in rustic glass windows. Because there is nothing like observing a barista crafting the perfect cup and the owners of the café clearly get it.

The place actually reminds me of a Paris brunch spot in the 7th district called Café Coutume. Has any of you ever been to either one of these places? Let me know here.