Postmarc: From The Boardroom To The Boarding Gate


This week’s feature tells the very interesting story of a man who was inspired to take the road less traveled by exploring the world and following his passion. A self-professed road warrior, Marcelino Hernandez founded postmarc in New York, but it is clear that he used the experience he amassed living and traveling abroad, working as an architect, to create a company that reflects today’s globetrotting man.

Comfortable Clothing Inspired By A Life On The Road

Marcelino first had the idea to launch the line in response to the fact that he needed clothes that were both fashionable and comfortable, and could take him from the boardroom to the boarding gate. He was having trouble finding this in stores, so he started sketching his ideas and eventually decided to launch postmarc.

The label’s three tenants are form, fit and style. The clothes are comfortable but never frumpy or baggy, which is what I usually associate with the words casual clothing. In fact postmarc’s offerings are quite the opposite. The clothes are tailored for a fitted look, which elevates the casual feel. Check out their dotted woven shirt for instance, or the grey twill shorts, that are good examples of the brand’s clean and modern aesthetic.


Revisiting The Breton Stripes

I was immediately attracted to the Breton knit sweaters (I’m a sucker for Breton stripes). I love the cut and the subtlety of the details, like the white line that goes around the collar. The piece that we got to play around with is very light since it’s 100% made of cotton and has a slim fit, as a man’s Breton sweater should.

I had a quick chat with Marcelino, who’s incredibly knowledgeable about the history of the garment. Did you know that the Breton shirt was first introduced in the late 19th century and that it originally had 21 stripes to celebrate each of Napoleon’s campaign victories? I get to learn stuff everyday!



Q&A With Marcelino Hernandez, Founder Of Postmarc

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born in the Philippines and traveled extensively throughout Asia early in my career. Now I split my time between New York, Miami, and Provincetown (on Cape Cod).

What do you do and how did you get there?

I still take on a few architecture projects but most of my time is spent developing our collections. I founded Postmarc LLC as its own fashion label and am developing several of its lines. postmarc is our signature label. We also have an active wear line, ST33LE and a new, nautical-inspired line called Coast & Harbourthat will be rolling out this spring.

I still take on a few architecture projects but most of my time is spent on our collections.

What inspires you and what motivates you?

Physicality. Adventure. Travels. Strong lines. Efficient embellishment.

What is your go-to outfit and how would you describe your style in three words?

My go-to outfit is something that I can wear from the gym to the street and feel good in. I love to work out. Even though I’m recuperating from a blown shoulder (after a kettle bell incident), I still take a spin class every day. When I’m done at the gym, I throw on a ST33LE crewneck tee shirt, a pullover shirt or a sweater from postmarc, a pair of AG jeans and Martin Margiela sneakers. Three words that describe my look: form, fit, style.

What big project are you currently working on?

My team and I are actually working on a few exciting things right now. For postmarc’s Spring 2015 line, we’re introducing a new athleisure collection of luxurious, tailored fleece track pants, shorts and hoodies. For Fall, we’ve been working with our knitters to experiment with yarns and textures. Watch for the new collection because we’ll be giving an exciting new twist to heritage knitting techniques.

We’re also excited about the launch of Coast & Harbour this spring, and for an expansion of our ST33LE line into customization for the fitness community. For ST33LE, we’re working directly with gyms to produce branded fitness apparel, which is exciting for me because it keeps me more closely connected to my passion for working out.

Forget your daddy’s track suit, athleisure is the next stylish trend for men.

Last words?

Forget your daddy’s track suit, athleisure is the next stylish trend for men. Athleisure wear is already becoming a crowded market for women, but has not yet translated to men. You can find a small collection here or there, but what is now in the market is overly designed and high priced. We’re focusing on luxurious fabrics and a modern, trim cut and a sleeker fit. postmarc is excited to bring affordability and style to this market.