R. Culturi Handmade Accessories


I had kind of a revelation earlier today. My daughter (who’s about to turn one!) was playing on the kitchen floor with one of my pocket squares -if you follow us on Instagram (@leclubdesdouze), you might have seen a picture of it in our stories. I’m not sure how she managed to put her hands on it, but she did. And she was happily playing with it, giggling. A part of me thought “alright, let’s put that back where you found it, it’s not a toy” but at the same time, I felt like the fact that she went on a scavenger hunt across the apartment and ended up picking this specific item to play with, deserved to be celebrated. And thus I felt like telling you about a gentleman’s accessories brand that I’m a little bit obsessed with these days, R. Culturi.

The brand was founded in 2015 by Anthony Brovchenko, a young man who’s quite fascinating. He moved to New York from Kiev as a kid and grew up in Brooklyn before moving back to Europe a couple years ago, when he travelled to Italy and France. Though he has always been interested in fashion and menswear, more specifically, it’s really those trips and discovering various cultures, from one region to the next, that made him want to launch a brand of accessories that would showcase the work of local artists, from Portugal to Ukraine and from the UK to Finland.

And we have to say, he did it right… From choosing artwork that works as well on a canvas as a necktie to picking high quality 100% silk fabric and selecting the best family-owned mills and craftsmen in the Como region in Italy. The pictures above and below speak for the beauty of the products, don’t they?




The collection is beautiful and features neckties, pocket squares and even scarves. We strongly recommend you check it out here -and make sure to let us know how you like it on social media (@leclubdesdouze). But of course, as always, we have our personal favorites…

If we had to pick one tie, it would be this ivory and sky blue beauty (the first two pictures below), designed by Portuguese artist Ana Moreira, based in São João da Madeira. It’s available in a variety of colors but that combination is my favorite, simply because I can perfectly picture myself wearing it with my favorite grey wool suit.

Now, when it comes to pocket squares, it’s more complicated because the collection has an even wider variety of artistic styles and designs. The one that really stood out to us is this piece depicting the famous Carpathian mountains. The artwork is signed by Serhiy Fedynyak who lives in Lviv, in Ukraine. I love the print itself (it’s inspired by ethnic motifs of the Hutsul people who inhabit the region), but I also love the square once it’s folded and crumpled, sticking out of a jacket pocket, because the colors work perfectly together and you can still see some of the stunning details that make it so special –see the last picture below.

Check out the rest of the products here. Enjoy!