Suitcases & Swiss Army Knives


One of my earliest memories involves a Swiss Army knife, handled by my dad –slicing a tomato– while on the road, somewhere in the Alps. Before I even knew what a logo was, that of Victorinox –the historic manufacturer of the knives– was engraved on my psyche.

Of course, I now have one of my own and –needless to say– I was delighted when the brand reached out to tell us about some of their latest pieces.

I’ve been travelling a lot lately for work and I have been researching quality luggage for the blog. It turns out that Victorinox has an impressive range of suitcases, including their Spectra range of carry-ons –which we got to take for a spin on a recent trip to Norway.

Mine is red, because I kind of wanted to honour the brand’s heritage –plus it’s a nod to my dad’s foldable blade.



Personally, I hate lugging bags around when I’m travelling. If I could, I’d carry everything I need on my person. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. And so when I’m on the move with luggage, I tend to pick travel bags or suitcases that are compact and convenient.

That’s what Victorinox’s travel range has to offer. Their Spectra carry-ons are extremely light but hardwearing and deceptively spacious. And they’re all equipped with a front opening that allows you to securely store what you may need on the go. That’s especially useful for me as I tend to work on planes and trains and need to be able to get to my laptop, cables, notebook, easily. Tested and approved!

Check out all of Victorinox’s travel gear here and their Swiss Army knives, if that’s your thing –it’s ours! Make sure to let us know what you think of the brand’s products on social media (@leclubdesdouze) and show my suitcase some love.