A Sydney Beachside House

clovelly_house_by_Farnan_Findlay_Architects_dezeen_784_3This beach side house in Sydney, Australia (shot by Kata Bayer for Dezeen) is our interior design feature of the week. Technically it’s the exterior that I think makes it so cool, but we’ll let it slide. This house encompasses everything I look for in well-made leather goods. It was designed to look better in 20 years.

I personally love how a good tan leather will age beautifully, showing its years of use in interesting ways that makes it look even better than when it was fresh out of the box. You can imagine this house braving storms that sweep salt water and sand against its wood exterior, helping it to look rugged and naturally weathered over time.

Just like a good leather wallet or bag, it was designed and built to age with its wearer and transform into something even more compelling with time. And for that I love it.