The Ultimate Garment Bag


I’ve been traveling for work more frequently, in the last year. I love it, but it comes with its load of sartorial dilemmas –the biggest of which being, of course, how the hell am I going to keep this suit and that white shirt looking crisp! To which you’d probably answer, that’s why they invented garment bags, and you’d be right.

You may have noticed, however, that even though we have published over the years a number of work travel selections, we have never featured a single garment bag. Why? Because they’re boring. When they look good, they’re not very functional, and when they’re somewhat functional, they look dull.

Or so we thought, until we discovered Degeler, a German family-owned luggage company well on its way to reinvent the way men carry their clothes, when traveling for work (and not just for work).


The label, around since 1994, has launched in 2014 a product called the Skyhanger –a garment bag engineered like no other. This idea behind the Skyhanger, according to its designers, was to “develop a bag that would be extremely light, highly functional, with a clear and puristic design”. To get it right, it took the brand several sets of prototypes. They also developed a hanger made of titanium, that features a unique fixation system designed to keep trousers on the hanger while traveling.

And, as you can tell, we’re impressed with the result. Not only can the bag accommodate up to three suits, a pair of shoes and a dopp kit, but it also allows you to carry an A4-portfolio, a 15-inch laptop and an iPad, thanks to a compartment on the backside and an extra pocket.

Basically, everything you’ll need when traveling for that big meeting in Paris or that conference in Monaco –because, you know, who doesn’t attend conferences in Monaco…



Now, on top of basically being the only bag you’ll need to carry –and it fits in an aircraft’s overhead compartment– the Skyhanger is a sleek piece of travel gear. Its design is streamlined and it is made with water-repellent nylon-fabric, available in black, navy, grey, bordeaux or orange.

The latter (above) is my favorite option, simply because it’s got more character and I think traveling –even for work– should be fun!

The garment bag comes with one of the brand’s titatium hangers and is sold for 249 euros (use code Clubdouze for 10% off) –unless you go nuts and decide to treat yourself to the calf leather option. For more information about the Skyhanger or Degeler, visit the brand’s website. As always, let us know on social media (@leclubdesdouze) which color is your favorite.