Ties & Activism With Knots Apparel


At Le club des douze, we like brands that are not just looking to make a buck but are also looking to give something in return. That’s why we love Knots Apparel. They’re accessories designers, crafters, entrepreneurs and social activists all at once. They use their passion for menswear to help those in need. And we respect that. A lot. We also think their ties are pretty damn cool.

The company was started in 2010 by friends Brian Bozzo and PJ McAward, who both started out in industries very far from the design field. Their shared love of menswear and devotion to community service and giving brought them together when they decided to create a brand that would partner with charities, season after season. For each collection, Knots Apparel chooses a charity that inspires them and all the fabrics, patterns and designs for the collection reflect the purpose of the organization. Ultimately, 50% of the profits from each line are given to that charity.

Designs and textures vary from one collection to another, but what remains constant, is the quality of the fabrics, mostly wool and cotton, and the attention to detail that come into the creation of each line.



We picked our favorite ties from Knots Apparel, for both their aesthetic attributes and the charities they support.

Our favorite piece is the Shipyard signature series. It supports the Joseph Fund of Camden, which seeks to rebuild the often forgotten city of Camden, NJ. by providing shelter to the homeless, education for children and renovating houses in the city. The city used to boast a wealthy and thriving ship building industry, which the red cotton reflects, while also being a nod to the brick buildings that are representative of the city.

We also love the San Benito tie. The proceeds from this item benefit a charitable organization called Water for Waslala that seeks to design, develop and maintain potable water systems for the impoverished region of Waslala in Nicaragua. To date, 100 residents of the city of San Benito, in that region, now have a drinkable water thanks to Knots Apparel. The gingham pattern of the tie was chosen to illustrate the extensive irrigation pipeline that completed that project.



The San Benito tie is a best seller but we also love La Lluvia, which also support Water for Waslala. It showcases thin stripes meant to represent the incredible power of the rainy season in the Waslala area. The tan linen tail represents burlap coffee bean sacks, the most prominent textile in Nicaragua.

Finally, we had to mention the La Plumeria necktie. It has a floral pattern and fun colors, reflective of the national flower of Nicaragua. Knots Apparel’s co-founder Brian was so blown away by the local plant when he visited the country and volunteered with Water for Waslala that he absolutely wanted to incorporate it into one of their designs.

Check out the full collection here and let us know on social media (@leclubdesdouze) which tie is your favorite, and which organization you would most like to support. Oh and just so you know, the brand is having a Valentine’s Day sale!