TUW Ruhla: Heritage Timepieces

You know one of our favorite accessories is a good watch. Something that seems so simple, often gets overlooked and can easily make or break any outfit. That’s why Alex has amassed such a collection of watches over the years, ranging from the traditional leather-banded to the more casual NATO-strap variety. There’s literally a watch for every occasion and that’s why we believe that you can never have enough.

We recently discovered the German watchmakers TUW Ruhla and can officially add another brand to our list of essential watches that must be in our ever-growing collection. The brand, originally called Ruhla, was in operation from 1892 until 1991 and were pioneers in making the first mass-produced watches in the world.

The original Ruhla brand was in operation from 1892 to 1991.

Sadly, the economic conditions in Germany caused the company to cease operations 25 years ago…

That’s where Gunther Beck and Alexander Lange come into play. The two German entrepreneurs rebranded the company as TUW Ruhla and are responsible for the revival of this heritage brand.

Their goal is to pay homage to the rich history of the company and its classic designs, while offering updated aspects that are in line with contemporary design. We think they’ve struck the perfect balance in creating watches that will last a lifetime but are in no way guided by trends, so you will actually want to wear them for years to come.

My favorite watch, which we shot for this article, is one of the brand’s new models, inspired by the classic shapes of the original Ruhla manufacture. It’s a very simple stainless steel automatic watch with a rich tan leather band. What else could you ask for?

Check out the whole collection here and let us know which watch is your favorite on social media (@leclubdesdouze).