Suze Spritz Cocktail

Suze Spritz cocktail

We love old school mixology and original liquors that make great cocktails and impress guests. Suze is definitely one of these. Have you ever heard of it? Suze is basically a bitter apéritif drink made from the gentian root. And though it’s a French favourite, it was actually invented in Switzerland. Most importantly, have you ever tasted it? If it’s your first time, I would definitely recommend you try it in a cocktail. And we have just the drink for that: the Suze spritz.

The idea behind this cocktail is to combine gentian to sparkling wine, in order to reduce its pungency. The Suze is also softened with some peach syrup, which adds a fruity touch. And it’s very easy to prepare… In a large glass:

  • Pour a dash of peach syrup
  • Add 3 cl of Suze
  • Fill the glass with ice cubes
  • Pour 12 cl of sparkling white wine
  • Add a slice of lime for the looks

And voilà ! Make sure to let me know how you like it on social media (@leclubdesdouze).

Vintage Suze pitcher

Vintage suze drink